When you first come into the office, you will be greeted by Sheila, our office manager.

Sheila will ask for your paperwork which you can print out here and then fill out (please do not print double-sided). If you are unable to bring these forms to us filled out on the day of your appointment we just ask that you come 30 minutes before your appointment time to fill the paperwork out in the office. If you have recently been in an auto or work accident we also ask you to print, fill out, and bring these papers. Once you've completed this paperwork, you will enter a comfortable room where you will watch a video Telling more about Chiropractic and more of what to expect during your visit.

Dr. White will then join you to discuss your specific health condition or challenge and to discuss your medical history. X-rays may be recommended to rule out more serious conditions and to determine the most effective treatment for you. If so, X-rays will be taken and analyzed here in the office. Dr. White will then discuss with you the treatment options available.

Together, with Dr. White you will choose the treatment that best meets your specific circumstances and needs.

Prior to leaving our office, you will be given written instructions on activities and procedures that you can do at home to help with your condition and will then be given an opportunity to schedule your next appointment.



We are located at 1602 E. Starr Ave. Suite 201. Nacogdoches, TX 75965